Top Tips For Moving Home


5th December 2018

Top Tips For Moving Home

Moving to a new house is one of life’s more stressful experiences. Having recently moved to a new house with three young children I can testify to this!  However, with a little planning it is possible to make the process an enjoyable one.


You will never have a better time than before you move home to de-clutter. People are forever holding on to items - storing them in their lofts or garages for that day when they might need it. Now is the time to be ruthless and not to transfer your old, unused items to your new home. Make piles for the charity shop, local recycling centres or even try selling on Gumtree. Go into your new home a hoarder no more!


Make a list of things you need to do before, during and after your move. By committing to writing a list, you are less likely to overlook a job that needs done while you are moving. Don’t forget to update your address with people such as your bank, doctor’s surgery, children’s school and electoral register


Try to book your removals as early as possible as leaving it to the last minute could result in disappointment. If you are considering moving yourself, work out how many boxes you need to move and consider the size of furniture when choosing the right van for the job


Label your boxes – you will appreciate this when you get to your new house! It will allow for the removals company to place everything in the correct rooms so causing little hassle for you once they have gone


Pack a small box with some essential items – toilet roll, teabags, mugs. It will save any hassles of having to go to the supermarket


Double check that your furniture will fit out through your doors and into your new property. Quite often furniture will need to be dismantled so make sure you have the necessary tools close to hand on moving day


It will probably make moving day easier if you leave your pets at the kennels for a day or two while moving. This will give you a chance to get into your new property and get unpacked

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