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It is a widely expressed view that selling your home is one of life’s most stressful experiences. It is also a legal transaction best handled by professionals. While the process is straightforward, there can be many complications along the way and even the most simple of purchases can have its challenges. At McAllister Estate Agents we take the stress out of selling. Call us today and let us help you with your next move.

Choosing an Estate Agent

The choice of your estate agent is crucial when marketing your property, as well as ensuring that you receive the best possible price. Quite often clients overlook the ability of the agent to progress a sale from initial marketing through to exchange and completion.

Promotion, Presentation and Price

Promotion, Presentation and Price – at McAllister Estate Agents we will get the combination of these three aspects of your sale just right.

Promotion - we understand how to promote your home and will have a clear strategy to ensure that it stands out from others on the market and justifies its asking price.

We operate a “reach out” culture, whereby we actively engage with prospective buyers about your property before it comes to market. When your property launches to the market, we will promote it through a wide variety of means, including the many mainstream social channels.  You can read about our property marketing here.

Presentation – when selling your property, presentation is very important. Your home should be clean and clutter free. A lick of paint can also help to create a great first impression. If you require a little help, McAllister Estate Agents can offer advice to ensure that you present your home in the best possible light.

Price - an agent who over values your property just to win your instruction to sell your house will not be doing you any favours. In fact they will hinder your chances of a sale and your property may become stale after several months on the market with little or no activity. At McAllister Estate Agents we operate an honest approach to pricing.

Launch Day

A property usually generates the most interest within 24 hours of being on the market. Once your property is visible on the various property websites, clients who have registered with criteria matching that of your property will receive an email alert. Calls and emails from prospective buyers will come into our office and we will begin speaking to them about their interest and financial position.

Reaching Potential Buyers

Our website has been designed to help generate the most amount of leads for our sellers and our reputation for selling means that we hold a large database of buyers looking for property.

Viewings and Offers

At McAllister Estate Agents we believe that viewings are best handled by your agent. This allows potential buyers to provide open and honest feedback and frees you up to do something more enjoyable!

As soon as the marketing of your property begins and we start to show prospective buyers around your property, you will be provided with regular and timely feedback from your appointed negotiator. On occasion, buyers will request second viewings, which is usually an indication of their interest and an opportunity for them to take a more detailed look around your property.

Any offer we receive will be financially qualified as per the recommendations of the Property Ombudsman and will be recorded in our offer book. Once an offer is accepted, the conveyancing process is ready to begin.

Once an Offer is Accepted

As soon as both parties are happy with the contract and all outstanding queries have been answered, there are several documents which will be signed by the buyer and sent to your solicitor. Don’t forget that if you are in a chain of properties, you may not be able to exchange until the others parties in the chain are ready.


On the nominated day of completion, the purchase monies will be transferred to your solicitor. The property sale has now completed and legal ownership has formally passed to the buyer. At this point, your solicitor will contact the estate agent to confirm that completion has taken place and that the keys can be released to the new owner.

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