Is Now a Good Time to Sell My Property?


12th November 2019

Is Now a Good Time to Sell My Property?

Traditionally estate agents would always say to clients that the best time to sell their property was between April and September. April usually welcomes Spring with lots of colour evident in the gardens and houses tend to look their best at this time of year. Longer and brighter days point towards a more upbeat and positive time of year so it is no great surprise that there are always lots of active buyers during this period.

However more recently the “traditional “ slow down at the end of year has not been evident. For the past few years we have seen low levels of properties on the resale market and as such people are buying as and when their desired property comes to the market, be it November, December or January.

We are currently experiencing high demand for viewings and clients making offers on properties and don’t see any slow down in the local market place.

If you are thinking of making a move and need to know what your property is worth, why not give us a call to book your free valuation. We would be delighted to share our years of knowledge and experience with you and help make your next move.

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