Are You Hindering Your Own House Sale?


16th May 2019

Are You Hindering Your Own House Sale?

Are you hindering the sale of your home?

You’ve put your home on the market and now you’re eagerly waiting for those viewings to come rolling in. You may be receiving some viewings but actual offers are lacking. Unbeknown to you, you are hindering your sale. The good news is there is time to turn things around.

Décor choices

All our tastes are different but when selling your home, you want to appeal to the masses. It may feel like a big sacrifice to say goodbye to your bold colours and retro wallpaper but remember, this is now a home for sale and your eyes should be focused on your new home. Keep the décor as neutral as possible but avoid magnolia as this will make it feel dated.

Being too personal

When a potential buyer walks into your property, you want them to immediately start imagining what it will be like to live there. If each room is filled with photographs of you and your family together with personal mementoes, this makes it hard for a potential buyer to see it as their home and not yours. Scale back on the personal and even pop a few extra items away for viewings.

Repulsive aromas

Strong scents are a real turn-off for buyers. If you smoke, non-smokers will instantly be able to tell and no matter how beautiful your home is they will find it difficult to ignore the smell. Pets bring their own distinct aromas too, ones that, as a pet owner, you probably won’t even notice. Do a deep clean of carpets and fabrics that your pets may snuggle up to and hide away any of their belongings, this will help reduce these smells which can be off-putting.

Are you being flexible?

We all have busy lives. With long commutes to work and varying shift patterns, it may not be possible for potential buyers to view exactly when you want them to. Be flexible when it comes to viewings; if a buyer finds it hard to get an appointment, they will more than likely give up on viewing your home altogether. Say no today and you could be turning away the perfect buyer.

Being slow

Not all sales complete and one of the major issues is people being slow with communication. From the moment an offer comes in you need to react, as delays make buyers nervous. Remember, just because they have made an offer that doesn’t mean they’ve stopped looking. Keep the pressure on during the sales process, return documents swiftly and answer calls promptly; by keeping the process moving you’ll help to ensure that the sale stays together and reaches completion.

No one wants to hinder their sale, why not get an outside opinion on whether the way your home has been presented is hitting the mark? Make sure you’re flexible when it comes to viewings and remember that delays break sales. If your home isn’t selling, come and see what we can do to make it happen.

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