Are Inventories Important?


10th July 2019

Are Inventories Important?

Many estate agents who currently operate in the UK are still working with basic word document templates when documenting the condition and cleanliness of items and fixtures and fittings in preparation for the start of a new tenancy. In many instances, agents don’t even take photographic evidence. Furthermore, many agents when in front of a landlord pitching their service do not discuss or demonstrate the importance of an inventory, which is arguably one of the most important factors when managing properties on behalf of landlords.

Since 1st April 2013 in Northern Ireland, all tenancy deposits are required by law to be registered with a government approved deposit scheme for safe keeping for the duration of a private assured short-hold tenancy. If the landlord’s property is genuinely damaged by the tenant, which results in them wishing to make a claim against a tenants deposit, agents are required to provide the check in inventory report they created and had signed by the tenant before the start of the tenancy. The tenants are within their rights to dispute against any claim made against their deposit by requesting that an independent adjudicator working for the deposit scheme, where the deposit is registered, to make an assessment based on the evidence provided by the agent at the beginning of the tenancy. Should clear evidence not be provided or is left too open to interpretation, a landlord’s claim may be thrown out, resulting in financial loss to the landlord.

At McAllister Estate Agents we create exceptional and modern inventories via our property software. We go through our properties thoroughly and identify each room and select pre-populated descriptions of common individual room items which automatically generate a professional and modern looking inventory report, with images taken embedded and positioned correctly for each room. We know that this practice offers landlords peace of mind that the condition of their property is being accurately evidenced. Some of our inventories can be over 25 pages in length when images are included and the report can be signed by the tenant online. Once complete, inventory reports can also be downloaded as a completed PDF which can be stored in the landlord’s property file.

Have you lost a deposit claim because your agent has not been able to produce the evidence required from the beginning of the tenancy? Unfortunately, once the case has been ruled upon by an adjudicator, the only way the decision can be reversed is if the adjudicator has made an error in law or fact.

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